Terms & Conditions of Booking

By submitting a booking to Craobh Haven Cottages, whether using telephone, post, email or a website form, guests expressly agree:

1.   That no booking is confirmed until the Owners have replied in writing with a full Booking Confirmation.  An indication of availability on any website or other place cannot be taken as confirmation that a booking for that period is either possible or will be confirmed by the Owners.  Our standard lets are a minimum of one week and begin and end on a Saturday.  Please get in touch before booking if you wish to arrive or leave on a different day.  The Owners reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving an explanation.

2.   To limit the total number of people using the booked property to that stated on the Booking Form and to ensure that at no time does the number of people in the cottage exceed that stated as its maximum capacity, including all children and infants not sleeping in the cot provided.

3.   If taking advantage of the special discount for couples, not to use or disturb the surplus beds in the second and third bedrooms, or to use or disturb more linen or towels than would reasonably be considered appropriate for two people.  Additional occupants, as evidenced by use of bedrooms, linen and towels, will be charged at a minimum of £25 per person per night for the full duration of the let.

4.   To pay a non-refundable deposit of £150 to confirm the booking, and to pay the full balance due not less than one month before the start of the booked period, accepting that payment of the balance confirms that all guests agree to abide by these Conditions. If a booking is made less than one month before the start of the holiday, the full amount due is payable immediately to confirm the booking. The Owners reserve the right to refuse entry if full payment has not been received, and to cancel the booking and offer the property for re-let if full payment is not received one month prior to the start of the booked period.

5.   That the Owners reserve the right to refuse any or all bookings and that no booking can be considered confirmed until written confirmation has been issued by letter or email by the Owners, and that where a booking is refused no payment will be due for any reason by or to the guests proposing the booking.

6.   To notify any cancellation in writing as soon as possible and pay any monies due under Clause 2. If the accommodation can be re-let for the booked period at the full rate, a refund will be made of the full amount paid less any difference in rental rate achieved and after deduction of a £50.00 administration fee. In other circumstances the party named on the booking form remains liable for the full cost of the booking, although a partial refund may be made at the Owners’ discretion. To safeguard against cancellation costs and other unforeseen eventualities we strongly recommend guests arrange some Holiday Cancellation Insurance, suggestions for which can be provided on request, or viewed here:

Schofields Ltd

Schofields Ltd

J L Morris Ltd

J L Morris Ltd

7.   To accept that a booking for the 2-bedroomed cottage (Islay Cottage) may be upgraded to the 3-bedroom cottage (Jura Cottage) at no extra charge, at the Owners’ sole discretion, but in such circumstances guests are limited to maximum occupancy of four (4) people in two bedrooms.

8.   To vacate the property by 10.00am on the final day of let, unless otherwise agreed. (Incoming guests will not be allowed to occupy the cottage booked until  4.00pm unless otherwise explicitly agreed by the Owners)

9.   To use the property solely for its purpose as self-catering holiday accommodation and to accept the Owners’ right to refuse entry to the property to any person considered unsuitable to take charge.

10.  To abide by our No Smoking policy and not to smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc anywhere within the cottage, and to ensure that any cigarette butts or other waste does not litter the area around the cottages.

11.  To keep any pets under strict control at all times and to accept liability for any damage, soiling or additional cleaning requirements caused by them.  Furthermore, dog owners agree that they will not:

  • leave their dog(s) alone at any time in or near the accommodation
  • allow their dog(s) to foul any mown or strimmed grass areas in or around the village
  • allow their dog(s) onto any of the furniture in the cottage
  • allow their dog(s) upstairs under any circumstances or into the bedrooms, the bathroom, or into the bath
  • use the washing machine or tumble drier for any dog towels, equipment or bedding

12. To take all reasonable care of the property throughout their stay, to leave it clean and tidy, with full inventory as provided on arrival, and to reimburse the Owners for any extra cleaning required, breakages, loss or damage caused during their occupancy of the cottage.

  • The person named in the booking confirmation, who must be the person taking charge of the property on arrival, takes responsibility for acquainting themselves on arrival with all fire prevention and emergency procedures, and for minimising the fire risk throughout their stay, as required by the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.
  • Ordinary domestic cleaning of the cottage after departure is included in the rental cost, but exceptional dirt, staining or contamination requiring additional, specialist or commercial cleaning will be charged additionally at cost.  This includes food or other substances not cleaned from carpets and other furnishings at the time of spillage, candle wax (guests should not use candles at any time due to the fire risk), and dirt or hairs deposited by pets.
  • Any items found to be broken or malfunctioning on arrival or during the course of the stay should bereported immediately to the Owners using the free phone facility provided

13. That WiFi broadband availability cannot be guaranteed even if booked and the Owners cannot be held liable for any consequences from a lack of WiFI or broadband connection.  Also, it is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that they have appropriate hardware and software to connect to our standard BT Homehub router.

14. That the Owners shall not be held responsible or liable for any accident, loss or mishap to persons or property whilst on or using the premises, or for any illness or injury arising from any cause whatsoever.

15. To accept that should the property become unavailable or unsuitable for letting subsequent to booking through any cause whatsoever, the Owners’ liability shall be limited to the amount of any rent paid.

16. To allow the Owners or their agents access to the property at all reasonable times.